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Is CBD Legal In Alabama 2019?

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Is CBD Legal in Alabama?

Yes – hemp-derived CBD is legal under federal law and, as of December 2018, is considered legal under state law because of a provision in the farm bill that passed legalizing industrial hemp.

Alabama Attorney General, Steve Marshall, said that CBD derived from hemp plants that contains no more than 0.3% THC is legal to produce, sell, and possess in Alabama.

Alabama, on the whole, remains hostile to all other forms of cannabis, as even medical marijuana is only legal in a very certain set of circumstances. CBD derived from marijuana is still completely illegal.

The previous CBD laws, called “Carly’s Law” and “Leni’s Law” still apply to marijuana-derived CBD, which allows suffers of severe epilepsy can obtain CBD with less than 3% THC.


Will I Get Arrested for Using CBD in Alabama?

No – as long as it is hemp CBD. If you possess marijuana CBD and haven’t been prescribed it by a doctor for epilepsy, you’ll likely be arrested for marijuana possession. The state is taking steps to reduce marijuana possession penalties, but it is not yet decriminalized.


Is CBD Legal in Food in Alabama?

Yes, but Alabama health officials do “warn” against it. Recently the FDA reiterated that CBD for human consumption is not yet regulated, and is in many cases illegal, though individual states are handling this warning differently. States like New York are banning CBD-infused foods and beverages from being sold, while others are simply “advising” consumers to be aware of the risks. This is the stance Alabama state officials are taking; State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris said that CBD products are untested, unregulated having not yet been approved by the FDA.


Are all CBD Products Legal in Alabama?

Yes – you can buy hemp-derived CBD products in any form in Alabama, whether that’s as an oil, balm, edible, or something else.


Where Can You Buy CBD in Alabama?

You can purchase hemp CBD products from stores across Alabama, and more are appearing all the time. To find a CBD store near you, click here to search our CBD Locator database. You can find CBD in specialist stores, in vape shops, or in some health and wellness stores. Purchasing your CBD products locally is a great way to support your local community, get your hands on the product before you buy, talk to an expert about what you need, and see new products that are coming to market.

Of course, traveling to a store isn’t always an option, and if it isn’t you will have to order your CBD online. If this is the case for you, always order from a reputable website and brand with good reviews who are completely open about the product’s ingredients. Our database also contains a number of businesses that operate online only or online and a storefront.

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Is CBD Legal In Alabama on Locate Local CBD

Disclaimer: The information above below and any other communication regarding legality which you may receive from Locate Local CBD’s website is for not for the purpose of legal advice and only for informational purposes. Please make your own judgment calls regarding whether you should purchase CBD in your state or municipality. We encourage you to contact an attorney to gain greater guidance.  – Published 7/2019